The people behind this zine. Interested in joining the masthead? DM @angeliquezine on Twitter or Instagram and introduce yourself.

Leanne Ubaldo

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Leanne is an ICT student and an artist based in the Philippines. She is a zealous creative gal always drawing and writing about her experiences on the World Wide Web. Besides creating, she loves duck videos, chatting with friends, and pizza. You can read more info at her personal website.

Ellie-Louise Wilson

General Editor & Staff Contributor

Ellie has dreamed of writing since she was ten years old, when her teacher made her hang a wish on their dream tree in school, upon which she had written, 'to be Jaquelin Wilson'. Since then, she has spent most of her days reading (sadly, less Jaqueline Wilson, and more Joan Didion) and scribbling ideas down in her silly little notebooks, or on her notes app. Hailing from Yorkshire, Ellie still dreams of becoming published someday and is currently completing her Master's Degree in Creative Writing and Publishing.

Gratia Serpento

Staff Contributor

Gratia Serpento is an Oregonian writer who spends her days studying, writing, and cuddling with her dog. She's had works published with Poor Yorick, Wingless Dreamer, Wild Greens Magazine, among others. Check her Instagram (@poet_serpento) for more.

Jessica King

Staff Contributor

Jessica (@thewhitedovepoet) is a self-taught writer of ten years that strives to use her pen for literary contribution, artistic expression, and social justice. She's currently enrolled at Long Beach State University in creative writing and comparative world literature with the aspiration to become a community college professor. She has participated in various staff roles for multiple literary journals, hoping to initiate her own journal for new writers. She loves to write poems, short stories, and novels, though she's always interested in exploring new genres.

Willow Kang Liew Bei

Staff Contributor

Willow (she/her) is a writer from Singapore, where she is studying. Her current preoccupations include taking naps, and listening to music. While not in school, Willow reads a copious amount of fairytales and writes the same way to keep herself sane. Coffee breaks are also on her mind. She runs a kofi shop at Willow's work has appeared in Blue Bottle Journal, Wintermute Literature, and Origami Review. She is an editor for Xinsai Magazine, and manages the Meditating Cat Zine.