A student-run, youth-led digital magazine showcasing thoughts, opinions, and creations about the intersection of creativity and the internet. submissions are closed. issue 1 coming soon!

Issue 1 is on the works!

Stay tuned for updates on our Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr! (We might use Tumblr more too! Follow us there @ angeliquezine)

About Us

A is for "Angelique"

Aside from being an alternate spelling of "angelic", it is a portmanteau between the words "angel" and "clique" or "unique".

Inspired by a small social network with the word angel in it's name, we were inspired by the togetherness and harmony networks bring to many people all over the world. The word clique strengthens the idea of fulfilling our goal to build and establish connections and camaraderie with fellow artists and creatives.

We love uniqueness. We believe that showing each and everyone's unique perspective in creativity in the world of technology will help people express themselves more especially during these modern times.

Z is for "Zine"

A zine is usually defined as a small magazine/publication about common subjects, themes, & ideas.

We aren't just your "typical zine". We're the whole crew, honey. We're a digital art gallery, a museum of the internet's finest creative works, a space for artistic expression, a voice for the youth and marginalized communities.

We aim to break the boundaries. Our goal is to help emerging artists on the internet express themselves freely and establish a connection with other creatives and like-minded individuals regardless of many differences.


(this section is a work in progress!)

contact us

if you have any inquiries/concerns, or if you just wanna say hi, hit us up on twitter or instagram @angeliquezine! you may also drop an "ask" on our tumblr.